Meadow Muffins: Old Colorado City, CO

Friday afternoon we were headed down to Old Colorado City. My goal, my one purpose in life that day was to find the childrens store where we bought Olivia this ridiculously cute hat last summer. I had to have another one for next winter since she draws so much attention with this one.

You see how cute I’m talking about??? Look at that hat! Look at that face!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my hat. The store only had infant sizes and bless Olivia’s heart, she didn’t even have an infant size head when she was an infant. Like father, like daughter.

Alas, the day was not completely ruined. I asked my sis where a good local eatery would be close to Old Colorado City. She gave me a couple options, one being Meadow Muffins.

After I picked up the pieces of my broken heart at the childrens store, I was listing off my sister’s picks of restaurants. Meadow Muffins. blah. blah. blah. (I say this because I just can’t remember the other places she told me)

“Meadow Muffins. What a dumb name. I’m not eating there.”- Robby. That’s right. Mr. Judgement himself said that. He had no clue anything about this restaurant except the name and for some reason, he was biased.

He went on and on about how the name didn’t make sense. The name was stupid. On and on.

When my niece, Rach, came down to meet us, we started going through the list with her and asking her opinions.

Twenty guesses as to what she recommended…….. You guessed right. Meadow Muffins. “It’s kind of like bar food. Cozy atmosphere”, she told Robby. Well, why didn’t you say so before? Ugh, do you see what I have to put up with people???

Meadow Muffins it is. Friday afternoon in the off season was a perfect time. Just a few other stragglers about but pretty slow.

Alright, I apologize. I can’t get this stupid picture to turn. Stupid blog site. Just kink your head a little to the right and you’ll be good.

Robby got the Jiffy Burger. Sounds atrocious. It’s not. It’s not the best thing in my book but it’s worth trying. Apparently these peanut butter burgers are the “in” thing now. I got the philly cheese steak. Yum-O. Rachel got the fried pickles. Heart attack? Ah, who cares!
The really neat thing about Meadow Muffins is the relics. And I don’t mean your run-of-the-mill, Applebee’s type relics. Actual cool stuff. From actual places. Sat on by actual people. The back of the menu tells all about it.


Casablanca fans just above the bar


Thanks for the blurry picture, Rach.


Look at that gorgeous ceiling. And let’s not forget about the moose head. Right? Right?!?


The carriage from Gone With The Wind. Oh yeah, and a naked gal on the far wall.
If you’re in the area, I recommend giving it a try. I’m an atmosphere gal, and this definitely has the laid-back, relaxed vibe that I so enjoy. The prices are reasonable and items on the menu are “bar food” as Rachel puts it. It’s a serve yourself joint. You go to the bar for your drinks and go to the walk up window for your food. Right downtown in Old Colorado City.
Pan, The Gravel-Roadin’ Guru

White Mule Winery

I realize I’ve already enlightened you to White Mule Winery. But…. I got to soak up a different side to the out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere family owned and operated winery. Located close to the heart of Missouri wine country in Owensville, this place is worth your travel. Especially on Friday nights.

White and Red: both delicious.

About a month ago, Robby and his band Horsin’ Around played for the first time here. I mean first time playing at White Mule. Not first time playing. You know what I mean. We brought a small group of people and then got surprised when Robby’s brother and sister-in-law showed up with a small group of people too.

What’s for dinner? Beef! Duh! With homegrown cattle out back it just makes sense. Right?

The owners serve their homegrown (I think you can call it that) beef and all i could say was WOW!!! That’s right- multiple exclamation marks. That’s how WOW it was! This steak that I had was tender, juicy, and had the most amazing flavors doing the tango on my taste buds.

Robby and the band didn’t get there in time to eat but I had to give them each a taste. To not let someone experience this steak would have been a take-me-straight-to-jail penalty I’m quite certain. Now they offered lasagna as well but I’m telling you, that would have been a take-me-straight-to-hell sentencing. Wrong, folks. Just wrong.

I have dreamed about this steak since. The flavors, the smell, the juicy bits it allowed me to relish. We already have planned to return another Friday night when Robby doesn’t have to play so he can experience the food too. We were told that they don’t have the big dinners on Saturday so if you’re going to go, I really recommend hitting it up on a Friday.

There is a bed and breakfast located in the old farmhouse just next to the winery for those who have libated to the limit. (I love that word. Libate (to drink). A doc I used to work with taught me that one.) Not only is the food more than awesome, the atmosphere is a pleasant view too. A rustic barn sets the scene. Large indoor/outdoor fireplace, which was so cozy for the chilly night air. Last year they built a sizable pavilion in the back for summer use. That should be enjoyable when our spring weather rolls around (which would be so appreciated to be sooner than later).

To get more info including the address, visit I hope you have as good of a time as we did. Let me know what you think when you go! The Gravel-Roadin’ Guru

White Mule Winery

Imagine this. Farmland, cattle, green grass, open fields, no Walmart or Target. That’s where we ventured out to on Saturday. It was purely blissful. White Mule Winery sits about 20 minutes south of Hermann just off Highway 50 in Owensville (well, the address is Owensville but I don’t know that this place could really be pinpointed to a town). Pardon the low quality of the intro pic, we had such a good time, it was dark by the time we headed back home. White Mule was so named because the area truckers called this spot white mule curve, since the previous owner raised white mules.

Rustic makes up the atmosphere that abounds at White Mule. Barnwood and old tin decorate the walls and cattle line the fields just past the upcoming vineyards. Friday nights, I’m told, are the hot nights to visit. A big dinner (sometimes consisting of farm-fresh beef straight from the fields out back!! Super impressive)  is served and the air is filled with live music.

White Mule Winery features 7 wines. The Norton and the Port (Mule Shine) are my least favorite. I may like wine but I have yet to acquire a taste for “the hard stuff”. My two favorite libations were the Double Tree Red (semi-sweet red) and the Vignoles (semi-sweet white). Seems like no matter where you go, you just can’t go wrong with a glass of Vignoles.

Can’t hardly imagine a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than sitting with friends enjoying a new place with a fresh glass of wine.

Dog lover that I am, I sure enjoyed the company of this sweet Austrailian Shepherd. He greeted us out front upon our arrival and wandered through the tables to find his sweet spot right at my feet.

The day felt like spending an afternoon at home with friends. Neighbors and their kiddos were in and out.Moms and Dads visiting with each other, kids running
through the fields and taking turns getting piggyback rides from Gus, our bartender. By the time we were set to head home, I was wishing we had come sooner and brought along compadres to join in the experience.

White Mule Winery can be found on the net at Their official address is 2087 Highwy 50 Owensville, MO 65066 (although don’t even bother using your maps app on your iPhone ’cause it just took us to the intersection of Highway 50 and 19.) The unofficial address: Nowhere, and it feels so good.
Plan your trip and let me know your thoughts! Until next time, Pan, The Gravel-Roadin’ Guru