Festival Friday 4-13-12

One more week down the hatch, Missouri! I hope you have something exciting on the books for the weekend, even though it looks like the spring weather made a turn for the very, very unspring-y, unpleasant, dreary, miserable, cold, nasty … read more

Wishlist Wednesday

Afternoon, folks! Happy to have you back here for yet another edition of Wishlist Wednesday, where we dream together of places we want to go. I have yet to have any suggestions from the viewers (I say that like there … read more

Prison Brews

Happy Monday (evening) all! It’s so strange for me to be sitting here, feet up, pjs on, wine in hand on a Monday evening. Usually this time on Monday, I’ve already been hard at it saving lives (or something like … read more

Easter’s Here!

Happy Easter, Missouri! Just wanted to pop my head in right quick and wish everybody a happy holiday. I hope you get your fill of Easter chocolate and mustard-glazed ham. I’ll see you this week! Pan read more

Wishlist Wednesday

Good morning, er… afternoon folks! It may be your afternoon but it definitely isn’t mine. After working last night, I slept most of the day, just recently waking up, to prepare for another night shift tonight. Only a couple more … read more

Karst Topography at Ha Ha Tonka

That’s right. Karst topography. Are you reaching back yet? Go ahead, reach back far in your memory (probably middle school years) of Geography. Yesterday, when we were at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, I remembered I had learned this once … read more

Sunday Funday…Finally!

Oh folks. It’s gonna be a good day. Why? Well, we’re fulfilling this week’s Wishlist Wednesday and sure enough, we’re heading down to the beautiful, blue Lake of the Ozarks and hitting the trails of Ha Ha Tonka State Park. … read more

Late Night Posting

Okay, here I am. 10:30 at night and just now making my daily post. Hey, I can’t help it. I’ve been one busy gal today. Besides being Mommy all day, I made my purchase of garden plantings for the year. … read more

Festival Friday

Oh Friday, sweet Friday. Bring on the weekend! After a long work week (I put in 4 shifts instead of my usual 3. And no, 3 shifts isn’t lazy-I work 12 hour shifts!), I am so ready to get this … read more