The Famous Leaning Tower of Osage City

Being a new parent is hard. Hard for many reasons but one of those being the lifestyle adjustment you must make for the little one. Robby and I have found that to be one of our toughest battles. Parenthood means not being able to go and do what you please and when you please.

Thankfully, we have parents that love spending time with Olivia, which occasionally allows us to have some Mommy-Daddy time.

Which is just what we did yesterday. Enjoyed a much-needed, long-0verdue river day, out on the Osage. And geez, what a beautiful one at that. We got our solar power recharged (we also got sunburned), as we spent the entire afternoon soaking up those powerful sunrays.

We had to take a jaunt towards Osage City since I learned last week that they’re tearing the famous Leaning Tower down. I’m not from Osage City, I have no ties to Osage City (except the partying I’ve done along the riverbanks there), and I generally don’t care what happens in Osage City.


The Famous Leaning Tower of Osage City: early demolition has already destroyed the top right section of the tower.


Except for the fact that they’re tearing down the famous Leaning Tower (I know I said this already but I wanted to be sure you heard me).

If you don’t know what the Leaning Tower is, you should take a quick trip down to Osage City. It’s quite the sight to see. This 5 story tall tower is an old grain mill that sits just beside the railroad track and right along the Osage riverbank.


Just as I turned back to snap one last shot of the Leaning Tower, a train came rolling by. How picturesque…..


Last night, I did some quick internet searching and found where a railroad worker had mentioned that the Leaning Tower was leaning as far back as 1974, when he first started working on the railroad. How the tower could have stayed standing after leaning for so many years blows my mind.

With the construction of an additional railroad bridge, crossing the Osage River at Osage City, the crew has begun the destruction of this landmark, with the completion estimated to be within the next 2 weeks.


The existing railroad bridge. The new railroad bridge will be placed in the foreground of this one.


Yesterday, I pleaded with Robby to please drive (I guess the proper wording would be steer, since we were on the boat) me by the famous tower for one last look of admiration (and a couple pictures) to hold with me in memory.

If you want to see the Leaning Tower firsthand, be sure to get down to Osage City quick, as of a couple weeks, it will be leaning no more.

Pan, The Gravel-Roadin’ Guru